Proudly introducing our gold award- winning
Terlingham Bacchus Dry Gin

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We’ve crafted a very special gin, using our award-winning Bacchus wine as the “magic ingredient”.

Small batch and hand-made with love, just like we do everything here at Terlingham. We’ve partnered with the fabulous Rebel Distillers, who have helped us select the wonderful botanicals that reflect not only Terlingham Vineyard, but also Folkestone, our home.

Inspired by our wines, this is a classic dry gin. We start with traditional juniper and add some locally found botanicals including rhubarb and nettle, collected by hand here in Folkestone. Our award-winning Bacchus wine gives it a delicate sweetness, with notes of elderflower. Then fresh lime and orange peel. Finally, we add a touch of honey in the distillation.

We have partnered with the wonderful Folkestone-based Locavore Growing Project to source our botanicals wherever we can.


Perfect Serve Suggestions

Classic G&T with a twist of mint

Serve ice-cold with a good tonic, a twist of fresh mint and lime wedge. The mint and lime bring the fresh flavours of the elderflower in the gin to life, and balance the natural sweetness of the Bacchus and honey

Gimlet with a twist of mint

Serve with a wedge of lime, dash of sugar syrup, and sprig of mint. Refreshing and revitalising, with a bit more sweetness which complements the delicate flavours of the gin.

White Negroni

Use a white aperatif such as Lillet blanc, and serve short with a cube of ice. Very light and dry, and a bit different. These flavours really compliment floral delicacy of the gin.

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