Natural farming


Nothing added, nothing taken away

We have become more aware of the importance of integrating with, and causing as little negative impact as possible to, the natural ecosystems on our farm. So we have embarked on this exciting journey of creating our wines using natural farming and production techniques. For us, this means that:

  • Other than the minimal use of some copper and sulphur, we don’t use any artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. We believe that careful personal management of the vines by hand allows for early detection and treatment of any diseases.
  • All work in the vineyard and on the vines, including pruning and harvesting, is done by hand with the help of family and friends
  • We allow the natural flora to blossom beneath our vines and we are always delighted to see the return of natural grasses, flowers (and a few weeds!) and the butterflies, ladybirds and spiders that accompany them.
  • In the wine making process we do not add any commercial yeast and rely on wild native yeasts for the fermentation of our still wines and the first fermentation of our sparkling wines.
  • We do not add any sugars (chaptalisation) in the initial fermentations, use any animal or dairy products (no finings) or make any adjustments for acidity.
  • Additionally, we do not use any chemical additives or preservatives (except very small amounts of sulphur) in the production process.

The care of our land extends beyond our vines and we are proud to have been able to breathe new life into our woodland and ancient grassy banks found within the property. We are continually learning and improving how we tend to our vineyard and how we make our natural wine. This year we developed our own experimental organic wound seal to prevent trunk disease in the vineyard and are excited about the further improvements we can make this year.


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