What is natural wine?


Nothing added, nothing taken away

We like to do things a little differently here at Terlingham. We’re not just making delicious wines, we’re doing it in a sustainable, low-impact, eco-friendly way. So you can feel as good drinking it as we do making it!

  • No nasties We don’t use any artificial or chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides (other than minimal use of some copper and sulphur). Rather, we manage the vines carefully by hand, checking on them daily, and treat issues using natural remedies.
  • Hand-made with love We do everything in the vineyard, including pruning and harvesting, by hand, with the help of family and friends
  • Going wild! We let the local wildflowers and grasses blossom beneath our vines and we welcome the butterflies, bees, ladybirds and spiders that accompany them!
  • Natural fermentation When making our wines, we don’t add any artificial yeast. We only use the wild yeasts that grow naturally on the grapes to ferment our still wines, and for the first fermentation of our sparkling wines.
  • Trust in mother nature We don’t add any sugar (chaptalisation) in the initial fermentation, or make any adjustments for acidity. We also don’t add any additives or preservatives (except very small amounts of sulphur) into our wines.
  • Vegan friendly We don’t use any animal or dairy products (no finings) to filter our wines
  • From grape to glass… We’re removing as much waste from our labelling and packaging as we can, we recycle our corks, and are always looking for new ways to work in harmony with nature.


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