1st Mar 2024


11:00 am - 1:00 pm



Disgorge & Dosage Day

Experience the Magic Behind the Bubbles: Disgorge & Dosage Day at Terlingham Vineyard

Have you ever wondered what makes our sparkling wine so incredibly delicious? It’s all about the precision and care that go into each step of the winemaking process. We’re excited to invite you to witness the magic firsthand, as we demonstrate the delicate art of “disgorging” and “dosage” – two of the most vital steps that create the unique flavors and effervescence of our sparkling wines.

Get a Closer Look at the Craftsmanship

During this special event, you’ll have the opportunity to see us at work as we disgorge the bottles by hand. Watch as we expertly remove the sediment and cork and cage the bottles by hand. It’s a mesmerizing process that showcases the dedication and passion that goes into every bottle of our sparkling wine.

Your Part in the Magic

But that’s not all! We want you to be a part of the magic. Join us as we select the perfect “dosage” for our sparkling wine. Your palate will play a crucial role in determining the balance of sweetness and acidity that defines the character of our sparkling wines. It’s a unique and interactive experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the art of wine making.

A Delightful Culinary Experience

Of course, no wine event would be complete without delectable pairings. While you immerse yourself in the world of bubbles, you’ll also enjoy a mouthwatering cheeseboard that perfectly complements our sparkling wines. Additionally, we’ll provide a selection of tea and coffee to further enhance your tasting experience. And what’s a celebration without cake? Treat yourself to a slice of our decadent cake as you sip and savor.

The event is finished.

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